About Exophorica

Exophorica was started as an application development firm targeting the iPhone/iPad, Android, and other smart computing platforms. After making the technical investments to establish proficiency, we chose to leverage this knowhow to help others that had a vision, but lacked the resources or skills necessary to bring that vision to market. We have long history of participating in the mobile computing market, as well as strong background in server-based computing to interconnect with the mobile devices.

What does the name mean?

We often times get asked about what our name means. Exophoric is actually a linguistic term defined as language that points to something outside the language of the current text, which is understood in a specific context. We use this name as our root in reference to our mobile software focus, which is software running on mobile devices connecting to reference information and other software running remotely, such as back-office servers.

Contract Employment Opportunities

If you are an experienced graphic designer, web designer, web developer, or application developer and would interested in part-time contract work (off-hours is fine), then make sure to let us know and we will consider you for future project development work as it arises.