Professional Services

Exophorica in the business of creating applications, and we are also able to help you create yours, leveraging our experience. If you have an idea and are not able to build it, either due to lack of ability or resource, we can help. We are also able to help in the area of strategic planning as you consider how to incorporate mobile platforms in to your business.

Strategic Focus

We want to incorporate your processes and market strategies into the application design and architecture when we work with you. We will insure that your applications are synced up with your own operations in support of your business objectives.

Intuitive Design

With our years of experience in developing mobile applications, we design mobile software to utilize state of the art functionality with intuitive easy-to-use design flows. We will develop your application so that it will be used more often, by more users.

Business Partners

We can continue to work with you after developing your applications to assist you in defining and launching a successful mobile strategy. We are well connected within the mobile community and can bring additional resources to assist in any aspect of product development through launch and beyond.